XBlockchain website revamped and join the X-Force program


The community has been with us since day one and we appreciate how supportive you have been along the way. We have always trying to give back to the community for your support and want to keep the communication channels direct and smooth, thus the XBlockchain.

Footprints around the world

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Starting with the XBlockchain Summit held in Bali last October, to the XBlockchain meetups that are happening around the world, we aim to build the region’s most influential platform & bring together the community for blockchain innovators to connect, communicate, and exchange ideas.


In 2019, we have held XBlockchain meetups across the globe, leaving footprints in Brazil, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. The journey will not stop, meanwhile, visit the XBlockchain website designed by the amazing Billy (x) Dusse and check out the full information of XBlockchain!

Join the X-Force

The X-Force consists of our most supportive community members who dedicate their time and effort to help forming a more interactive and resourceful community. It’s a volunteer-based program to make Pundi X, Function X and XBlockchain community a better place as well as communicating ideas to make the ecosystem better. The existing members are passionate, energetic and helping each other.

Now, we want to take this opportunity to welcome more of you to join the squad to make it better and become part of the unbreakable X-Force.

Check out the full details and perks of joining the X-Force on XBlockchain website!

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